Ali Kubba Presets

Over the last few months I've recieved messages, comments and emails regarding presets. So today I am happy to bring these to you following months of tweaks and calibration. The images above show you the before and after using those presets. 


There are 6 presets each designed to bring out colour contrast and tones. 


Above Horizon Sunset

Above Horizon Sunset with Glow

Cotton Candy

Daytime Film 

Lucky Sunrise 

Sunset Glow 


Each of these presets have different looks that can be applied to any image. Most of the time you'll only need to adjust the basic window in Lightroom.


The names suggest what their best used for. For example, the Above Horizon Sunset preset is best used for sunset shots where the sun is still above the horizon.


Cotton Candy adds a beautiful baby pink/red tones to skies and foreground and I use this for my dull cloudy shots most of the time.


Daytime film is the preset I used the most, this also can be used for sunsets as it brings out blues and oranges managing colour calibration to best compliement these tones. 


Lucky sunrise is the most extreme of the presets and I recommend using this one with very blue unlucky cloudy sunrises. The idea behind this preset came up when I visited Angkor Wat to capture the sunrise but I was very unlucky that we had a pretty bad one so when I came back home I was determined to edit the colours in a way that makes it a beautiful sunrise with plenty of orange, pink and red tones. 


Finally sunset glow includes my custom gradient and radial filters that enable you to add a beautiful glow to any image using the best complimentary


Once purchased you'll be able to directly download the presets which will come in a .zip folder. The presets are all in .xmp format so you'll need to copy and paste the preset folder into your camera raw settings folder. To do so open Lightroom, click on preferences --> show lightroom presets --> open camera raw folder --> open settings folder and paste the Ali Kubba Presets folder here. Now close Lightroom and re-open, Ali Kubba Presets should be in your presets panel. 






Ali Kubba Presets