Due to high demand and multiple requests via social media I have finally put together my custom Teal & Orange LUT which gives the look you have seen in my videos. The images above show you the before and after looks when applying this specific LUT at different intensity levels in Premier Pro CC. 


Ali Kubba's custom Teal & Orange LUT works with all camera profiles but especially well with the cinestyle camera profiles such as the Cine V/D and V-log* on the Panasonic Lumix GH5. The LUT works even better when used with 10 bit footage.   


Please note - my custom LUT is very vibrant and vivid and it is very important that you adjust the intensity under your creative look in premier as it will affect skin tones if you use this at high intensity levels. I recommend using 15-50% intensity based on your scene and how much skin tones you have in the frame. For 10 bit footage you can push the intensity even further depending on personal preference. 


Compatible With Mac/Windows versions of the following 

• Adobe Premiere Pro CC | 

• 3D Luts (.Cube) compatible Software 

• Adobe After Effects | 

• Premiere Pro CC | Davinci Resolve 

• Sony Vegas Lut Loader 

• FCPX Lut Loader 

• Final Cut Pro X

• Adobe Speedgrade


Finally, the LUT is not a magic pill you still need to adjust your white balance/temperature and exposure for each frame/composition before you apply the LUT. 


Thank you for supporting my work! happy LUTing!


*For V-Log L footage remember to crush your blacks and whites or convert to Rec709 first then apply the LUT 




© 2017 copyright reserved by Ali Kubba & Alpha Creative Media

Ali Kubba Teal & Orange LUT