Skype Consultation with Ali Kubba

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Do you have interest in filmmaking? Want to know all things from a self-taught professional filmmaker?


Ali Kubba will answer all your questions over Skype! 



Before the Skype session, you have the option to send in your video/s (links on Youtube/Vimeo) of what you have shot or what you inspire to shoot.


Once the video/audio is submitted via private link, I will personally analyze EVERY DETAIL of your footage. I will point out mistakes/sticking points you are not even aware of and teach you exactly how to fix them.


This feature alone will save you months of trial and error, streamline your learning curve and make you progress exponentially.



There’s no better way to learn how to get good at filmmaking than to have someone with experience as your mentor. No matter what problem you’re having, I am here to guide you through the process.


My Skype Consultation is YOUR chance to speak directly with me and ask me ANY questions you have about filmmaking including how to get clients.


Think of this as a 60-MINUTE Q&A Session with me tailored JUST FOR YOU.

*Each session is 60 minutes and must be booked 7 days in advance.

Skype Consultation with Ali Kubba